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  • Sentor

    Automobile electronic security system. The system provided advanced security and user conveniences for the dealer’s inventory and personnel by implementing an exclusive self-reprogramming capability.
  • Twister Compact Lens

    Decorative covers to hide the ugly twisted compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • ShowerGeni

    This amazing self-powered electronic mixing valve turns any existing faucet into an automatic temperature controlled unit without replacing or removing it!
  • Key Master 4000

    Universal Notebook Programmer.

Latest News: OodleNet launches Kickstarter Campaign

Join the New Wave in Internet Connectivity

OodleNet™ is a combination of brilliant software and remarkable hardware. My name is Eric Delangis, and I am the creator of the OodleNet™ technology. As an engineer, I have been designing communications systems and equipment for more than 25 years. During this time, I have designed and built all kinds of systems and equipment for other companies. Now, I have come up with one the most advanced networking techniques for Internet access, one that will "Break the Internet Speed Limit". The device we build will look like a WiFi hot-spot, but that's where the similarities end. OodleNet™ leverages WiFi and WiMAX to create a super network of blazingly fast internet. Once the devices are connected the innovative technology is activated. Surfing the internet triggers the process of aggregating multiple internet connections into one ultra-broadband connection.

On April 12th 2013, our team will launch a Kickstarter campaign that will revolutionize the way we access the internet. We will be raising funds and lots of support to take the OodleNet™ prototype to the next level. The goal of this campaign is to put an end to buffering and to connect the people of the world like never before. The OodleNet™ team is ready to go. Our mission is to build the first and only device capable of bringing us wireless ultra-broadband internet. The proven OodleNet™ technology created by this campaign, supported by you, will usher in a new era of internet service. The project needs to your help to upgrade our prototype and manufacture a consumer ready device capable of making this vision a reality.

Visit us at for all the exciting project details.

Let’s bring your ideas to life!

I have over 20 years of experience in cutting-edge engineering solutions in the area of Product Design Development, Electrical and Electronic Design, Software Engineering, Manufacturing support and Technical documentation. I have helped established excellent engineering models to achieve quantifiable and substantial benefits for my clients across Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial and Consumer Products.

Whether you want faster time-to-market for your products, enhance operational efficiency or maximize the ROI, I can help you with:

Product Design & Development:

I can provide a wide range of product design and development services for all stages of new product development lifecycle management. From new product design to conceptualization and development, I offer product design services and industrial reliability analysis that allow my customers to produce high-quality products with lowest possible cost and time. My concept-to-market product design and development services help my customers to outwit competition by introducing innovative products to meet dynamic market demands. I always perform thorough research before starting the design process to figure out the key features to set appropriate development strategies.

Computer Aided Engineering:

Improved productivity and efficient designs can be realized by incorporating analysis into the design process at the earlier stages of preliminary design. To maintain the market share and keep it up with competition require enhanced product performance, faster deliveries and lower prices. You can opt for advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools to enhance product design and team productivity thus achieving your business goals. It is possible to incorporate Finite Element Analysis and 3D CAD tools into the design and manufacturing process.

When you outsource Product Design Services you are getting:

  • Thorough expertise about entire Product Life Cycle starting from design, manufacturing and service to the customers
  • Strong analytical approach towards product and machine designs after researching different industry verticals
  • Well-developed knowledge about experimental testing


Image of Eric
  • Hello there! My name’s Eric and I’m an engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. I have many years of extensive experience in the design, building and operation of major communications networks, as well as, electronic hardware and software system solutions.

    Feel free to check out my profile and projects. If you have an interesting project or technology you'd like to discuss, don’t hesitate to contact me!


  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

    University of Southern California (USC)
    Los Angeles, California


  • Sr. Systems Engineer/Project Manager

    Engineering company

    Lead engineering design and project manager for government facilities.

  • Engineering Director/Manager

    Systems engineering company

    Lead all phases of product design and development efforts from small devices to large systems.

  • Senior Architect

    Communications service provider company

    Voice/Data Network architecture design—including development, integration with network management systems, implementation and service turn-up.

  • Chief Engineer/Program Manager

    Communications systems equipment design company

    As principal system engineer, managed engineering group in the development of an international digital Class 4/5 Central Office Telephone switch with budget of $30 million dollars.

  • Technical Design and Implementation Staff

    Aerospace company

    Directed and designed numerous satellite test and control equipment/systems for military and commercial satellites.


Patent 7,606,156

Broadband wirelline/wireless communications system.

Patent 6,728,238

Dynamic allocation of voice and data channels in a TDM telecommunications system.

Patent 6,913,203

Self-powered electronic mixing valve.

Patent 5,895,294

Plug module for DSX telecommunications jack module.

Patent 8,228,801

Broadband communication device.


  • Software and Programming Languages

    Software and firmware design experience with real time RTOS’s and embedded Linux, high-level languages C, C++, Visual BASIC, Fortran, HTML, VBScript, Jscript, SQL, PHP, hardware design languages VHDL, Verilog, RTL, PALASM, and ABEL as well as extensive assembly language for ARM, Motorola, Intel, PIC, Zilog and many other manufacturers’ microcontrollers. Proficient with many CAD applications for Electrical and Mechanical design and analysis.

  • Hardware

    Experience in satellite testing and command and control systems, VoIP, DSL, IP networks, embedded hardware and software design, OSI MAC layer and Link layer drivers, embedded Linux, ad-hoc networks, DSP design and development, distributed computerized control systems, high-reliability systems, LANs, redundant systems design and analysis. Hardware design expertise in all logic family types.


  • ShowerGeni Demonstration


    Electronic Water Valve
  • WARPjet Communications Gateway Demonstration


    Wireless Routing Protocol
  • Image of Multiplexed Telecom System

    Twister Compact Lens™

    Decorative fluorescent bulb covers.
  • Image of Sentor Automobile Security System


    Automobile Security System.

Auto security systems:


First automotive aftermarket electronic locking system. The system provided advanced security and user conveniences for the dealer’s inventory and personnel by implementing an exclusive self-reprogramming capability. Prior to sale all dealer keys would work in any of the dealer’s vehicles. Once a vehicle was sold, simply by inserting new customer keys the electronic lock would reprogram itself to accept only the customer’s keys and lock out any other keys. With this electronic lock system, no two keys were ever alike and the system could not be broken.


Second generation automobile electronic security system. Provides all the security features of the original system but provided better esthetics, lower power and many new convenience features.

Public Storage Electronic Lock

Electronic locking system for public storage facilities allows facilities to maintain full control and security of all units and the facility as a whole. Old mechanical key locks can be replaced with electronic keys that have unsurpassed security while allowing full operational control by facility owners.


Developed the Chronomite Electronic Tankless Water Heater.

First electric, point of use, tankless water heater to provide accurate temperature control to within 1 degree. This industry breaking technology lead to the development of all electronic faucets and fixtures today.

Water Geni™

The first electronically controlled water faucet. The Water Geni faucet technology can be manufactured as a faucet upgrade device or as an integral part of a new faucet line. With the Water Geni technology, faucets are now completely automatic from turning on and off to maintaining the temperature to within 1 degree. Advanced programmable features including handsome wireless display allow users to control water temperature and program desired set points and maximum water temperature for several users. Advanced safety features prevent scalding injuries. This unique technology does not require any electricity or wiring to install. The water flowing through the unit develops the energy necessary to operate it. This technology can be used for any fluid mixing purposes.

Shower Geni™

The Water Geni technology adapted to a shower valve. This product line is uniquely adapted to be sold as an after market plumbing device that can convert existing shower valves into fully electronically controlled units. No need for complete shower remodeling or hiring an electrician or plumber. Simply change the internal valve parts with our replacement module and the electronic shower is ready to enjoy. Of course, this technology can be designed in as an integral part of a new electronic shower line.

Twister Compact Lens™

Decorative covers to hide the ugly twisted compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Cloud Computing/Distributed Networking:


Wireless Aggregation Routing Protocol for jet speeds. WARPjet (Wireless Access Routing Protocols for Jet speeds) is a patented technology that aggregates unused bandwidth from multiple wired and wireless connections and delivers the aggregate bandwidth, through edge routing techniques, to any user on an on-demand basis. WARPjet can be used to deliver substantially greater data rates to users without any network upgrades. WARPjet also alleviates network congestion by edge routing the distribution of common content such as video for IPTV services and multicast programming. WARPjet functionality is built into any Internet ready device and can be implemented in hardware or software. Best of all, existing products can be easily upgraded to provide WARPjet functionality.

We see the merging of existing wired networks, i.e. DSL, Cable, fiber, with wireless networks as a natural evolution of the industry that will be needed to support the future Internet growth and to support video distribution and IPTV type services. This is tantamount to the integration of the cellular networks in the 1990's. Initially all cellular networks were completely closed systems were a cellular user was charged for long distance calls, calls to other cellular network customers, roaming charges and termination fees. Overtime, the network providers found that this approach stymied growth and profits, so they evolved to where they are today where customers pay a flat monthly fee for a certain level of service regardless of which wireless network they happen to be connecting through for any particular call or service. Fixed Internet service providers are now facing this same dynamic with the explosive growth of Internet services. No one network will ever be able to keep up with the demands and they will have to learn to cooperate amongst themselves just as cellular companies have. Look at the problems that exist with the delivery of Netflix content! WARPjet solves these problems.

Deploying WARPjet technology in any Internet ready device such as Access Points, Routers, Cell Phones, Game Consoles, TVs and Computers will eventually allow a seamless networking across any number of independent networks while providing much higher speeds by aggregation the bandwidth of numerous individual network connections. We are also working to build a WARPjet alliance to generate industry acceptance of the technology. The alliance will bring together companies that have an interest in expanding their customer base and providing much higher connection speeds without having to build out or upgrade their networks.

We have some very strong patents on our technology and are working on continuation patents to broaden this protection which helps protect investors looking to fund this effort. We are looking for companies to adopt our technology through licensing as well as funding investors to help move these efforts forward. For companies that need a faster stronger network delivery system WARPjet is their answer.


Class 5 CO Switch

Designed and developed a high density fully digital class 5 Central Office switch for domestic and international markets. System supported all US and European communications standards and interfaces. System design was scalable for sale to tiny switching requirements of small remote villages of fewer than 30 POTS lines to greater than 30,000. System operates in non-air conditioned environments which allows for deployments in very remote and primitive locations.

Multiplexed Telecom System

Dynamic allocation of voice and data channels in a TDM telecommunications system.

Toll Call Restrictor

A programmable telephone toll call restrictor that prevented any telephone in the household from dialing toll numbers such as 900 numbers. The system could be easily programmed to prevent any long distance numbers or to block any quantity of local numbers.


Haunted House Control System

Used to provide automatic control of any number of electrical or mechanical devices for “Haunted” fun houses. System can be programmed to operate fully automatically and/or by detection of motion of attendees.

Home Automation and Software Programming:

Installation and programming for Vantage Home Automation systems. Developed code module for Energy Star compliance for Vantage Automation Thermostats.

Programmable Computer Power Center

An energy conscious programmable power center that provides manual and automatic shutdown of computers and peripheral equipment.

DVD (Digital Video Disk) player development system

Designed a DVD (Digital Video Disk) player development system and an ultra SCSI II target controller development system for NEC and LSI Logic.

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